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Mostly pictures of my pigs trying not to be in pictures with art I’m bringing to SUPERCON…

Have I mentioned that I’m going to be at SUPERCON? A few times? Well, here’s one more mention featuring works I’m actually bringing with me (unless something terrible and luggage related happens, then I’ll basically just have posters and postcards and two paintings):

First off, we have Pere-Barb, from my set of Stranger Things parodies, Danger Things. Peregrine does not want to be seen with Pere-Barb, I guess she doesn’t like her jacket.


Salem, like most guinea pigs, does not want to look at me the same way he looks in the painting. He’s following in the footsteps of greatness by being uncooperative. Also, for some reason this is hard to find on Threadless, so here’s a link. Real Guineas.


Brand new – Herdin’ 2 Electric Pigaloo, just in time if you need inspiration to save a community center of your very own! Ozma is running away from the responsibility. Running away – to Paris. Always go to Paris.


Pere is proud enough of her criminal empire to be photographed with the posters that you can ONLY get from me in person. Only. I’ll have them in my jacket.


And finally, these are most of the blind paintings that I will have. Now there are way more guinea pigs than skulls! (I do love skulls, there will be more skulls.) They are wrapped up and I have no idea which one is which because I was not in the room while they were wrapped. Each one is $5 and based on a Nancy Drew end paper. They’re literary. Like me and possibly you.

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Look at the wall!

11. Damien: Omen II – Joseph Howard

It turns out that I now have little paperbacks of the entire Omen series. I started this blog writing about the novelization of the Omen and admitting that my feelings about taking care of my pigs could easily be summarized by that scene in the original, more awesome, Omen where the nanny jumps off the roof after happily declaring, “It’s all for you.” I won’t be jumping off the roof anytime soon, but considering the way people look at me when I answer their questions about frisee with, “It’s for my guinea pigs, and I believe it was $1.99.” I might as well be. Does anyone know what frisee tastes like? I just know they like it. A lot.

In the original Omen, the father character’s name was Jeremy. And when I read the novelization I was confused because not only did I finally understand that Damien’s mom was a jackal (totally blew by me when I saw the movie, I think they did not say jackal enough times in comparison to the number of shots of Rottweilers), I also knew something was wrong in the naming department. Turns out, in the movie they changed his name to Robert. And in Damien: Omen II (there’s no “the” in there on the paperback and I added the colon for clarity), there’s a note explaining the name change which finally put me at ease. They continued on with calling him Robert.

Anyway, the main issue with the Omen series (and probably the movies, I have only seen the first one more than once, hopefully some channel will help me out with that this October) in the first two installments is that they follow the same story line with different aged Damiens. Damien finds out who he is, which I guess is important, but I already knew who he was from the first one so that realization was cheap for me. As were the scenes of him weirdly shivering while psychically killing people. And he killed so recklessly! Just about everyone bit it. He was thirteen in the book, so I guess that explains some of that but I think the anti-christ is kinda touchy. Once again, the book included sensational photos from the movie, True Crime style. And I have to say, the most memorable scene from the movie for me (which is included in the sensational photos) was the journalist being killed by the raven on the side of the road in her totally red outfit, which is not powerfully rendered in the book. And I know it’s just a novelization of the movie, but still, I have expectations. Maybe The Final Conflict will fulfill them, it’s the last one, presumably it has some sort of resolution.

In this photo, Mortemer (looking right at you) and Danger Crumples are vigilantly and nonchalantly standing on my bed in the house I rented in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. That house was very, very close to the little line that designates the path the tornado took one week ago…so I’m pretty sure it has been damaged. Thankfully, I’ve heard from many people about how they are totally okay, although several have severely postponed jobs because of roofs gone missing. If any place knows how to clean up after some seriously unexpected damage though, it’s South Mississippi.

Obey my Mortemer!

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