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She could’ve killed someone with a pencil.

17. Night World: Huntress – L.J. Smith

You know how sometimes you have to like rejoin the gang of vampires you used to lead for the good of the universe even though you were like doing really well paying more attention to your human half? Keep up. Jez Redfern, like John Wick much later, has to return to her old ways for some serious action in order to keep evil from winning the apocalypse at the millennium/taking revenge a network of evil dudes/co-workers and stupid-Russian-Theon for stealing your car and murdering a very important dog. Maybe, just maybe, my analogy is not totally sound, but if there’s ever a movie version of Huntress and Jez Redfern says “Whoah,” I’ll know it’s meant for me.

A special hardcover collector’s edition of each of the Night World books is being released this year, if only this year was also actually going to see the release of the final Night World book… There is a rather hilarious Amazon page for “Strange Fate,” the tenth book – in theory – filled with the kind of frustrated commentary George R.R. Martin is surely used to dealing with, it’s been over 20 years of waiting for L.J. Smith’s fans. I’m waiting on her too, I’ve got to say Night World is a great series. A little melodramatic, but they’re for teenagers and everything is life and death. EVERYTHING. Maybe you don’t understand. Maybe you should go slam your bedroom door.

Mixtape –
1. Tread Lightly – Mastodon
2. White Light Suicide – Witchcraft
3. Raise A Paw – Melvins
4. Things Present, Things Past – Blood Ceremony
5. Dendrofil for Yggdrasil – Kvelertak
6. For Blood – Bass Drum of Death
7. Skin Traps – Electric Six
8. Never Let You Down – Greenskeepers
9. I Hear Voices – Kasabian
10. Reload – Ministry
11. The Needy – Logan 5
12. Feral Love – Chelsea Wolfe
13. By Your Definition – Witchcraft
14. I’d Kill for Her – The Black Angels
15. The Way of Vikings – Amon Amarth

Peregrine and Ozma are waiting here until someone tells them they have to take vengeance for their old names: “Pippa” (I adopted Peregrine and Merricat as a pair formerly known as “Paris” and “Pippa,” so I’m assuming there based on the order of their appearance in their adoption photo) and “Mitzi.” Seriously. Mitzi. That’s a dog name. Pippa is a dog name too.


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The Future is in the future

14. Forest of Memory – Mary Robinette Kowal

“What is dead may never die” is not a line from this book but it does sum up dealing in nostalgia for me. In this novella, the reader is presented with the unedited (she’s typing it using a typewriter, which I do wish I had the finger strength to use myself – can’t hit those keys right at the same speed I can on a computer, damn it) perspective of Katya, who deals in “authenticities,” i.e. objects from the past that people in this version of the future collect, when her AI goes down and she’s left with nothing but reality and what’s right in front of her in the wilderness. And also some guy doing a mysterious job that she cannot research using her AI. Ha. Trapped. This was an odd story, and many of the concepts in it could benefit from further exploration because it did end rather abruptly with many unanswered questions. My main takeaway was one of recognizing my mortality again. I like things, I’m isolated, in this future someone is totally going to loot my living space and make a lot of money I will never have. Whee! Future!

Peregrine says you should get some objects for people to steal with her on them from this store, which is only online and not a brick and mortar place, but deals in nostalgia nonetheless:  Choose wisely.

Peregrine says you should get some objects for people to steal in the future with her on them from this store, which is only online and not a brick and mortar place, but deals in nostalgia nonetheless: Choose wisely.

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Jingle Bells…Jingle Yay…Jingle Good for You

A second jump into the murky seas of search terms. I mean into the fresh smelling forest of Douglas firs of search terms. I am trying to sound more winterish. There’s no snow, yet, in my area, but the bitter bleakness remains. I should change my voicemail to that “Hello, you’ve reached the winter of my discontent” thing from Reality Bites. Or I could listen to less doom metal while it’s totally cold and bleak outside. But it seems like the best time to listen to doom metal! And I just found out the singer dude from Finntroll (not doom metal at all) is cute and that made me nearly happy. Damn, I am rambling. I guess in this vein of trailing off I could mention that the purchase I’m happiest about lately is the game Cards Against Humanity. It’s free to download if you don’t feel like buying it. Damnit, Jerry!

7. Why are so many people looking for this? : son of rosemary incestuous

What kind of a world do we live in? Why can’t people just search for random incest? I mean, it’s on Game of Thrones, not just in these old tomes from the 1990s. Son of Rosemary…is the worst

Are Jon Snow and Daenarys Targaryen related? I hope not.

I originally wanted that review to be only two words: Shit Sandwich. And I loved The Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby so I felt really guilty about how much I hated Son of Rosemary. It just sucked so hard. And it’s hard to see good writers write shit sandwiches. That’s why Pammy is hiding.

8. Amusing terms: guinea pigs named Lois

I wonder how many guinea pigs named Lois there are? I don’t have any, the only Lois here is Lois Duncan: Twisted Window , Lost in Time

Who watches Ozymandias? Will anyone keep from his detonating his Doomsday device? I watch him,  but I wouldn't.

Maybe in his previous home, Ozymandias was named Lois. Probably not.

9. Things I hope don’t exist: ebook on taxidermy of guinea pigs

I’ve never thought about having my pigs freeze dried or stuffed. Mostly because the idea of having their glares become lifeless and frozen in time is a little too much. Also, taxidermy has not progressed to the point where the adorable snout and ears of the guinea pig can be preserved exactly as they are, forever. I don’t think an ebook is going to help that.

Why specifically an ebook? It’s hard enough to find physical books on guinea pigs and you’d think a squirrel mold would probably work.

Twiglet – Not meant for stuffing.

10. Not on my watch, son: guinea pig rat cross

I have heard terrifying tales of escaped hamsters mating with mice and producing offspring. I have never heard about that happening with guinea pigs and rats and I never want to hear about that happening. It just makes me think of the Fly. And the Fly II.

Thaddeus and Pammy, so fresh and so clean clean

Thaddeus tells Pammy it will never happen. Just like he hopes his next bath will never happen.

11. Self-indulgent edition: captain sparkles

Next year, I will be putting up the sequel to Night of the Squirrels: Dawn of the Interns on Amazon. The sequel is called Day of the Robots. The character that I have nicknamed Captain Sparkles appears in both books and will also be included in the conclusion to the Night of the Squirrels trilogy: Night of the Squirrels. It is always darkest before the dawn. Anyway, I reviewed Nightlight , the Twilight parody book by the Harvard Lampoon people and utilized that nickname (which is also in my book in the spirit of Twilight parody, but there are no vampires in Night of the Squirrels, despite what that visiting Canadian writer decided in workshop, not bitter, there are also no particularly forlorn romances, just funny bad things happening, good grief this is a long aside) in the title of that review.

The main characters are people! They’re people! (to be said like you’re talking about Soylent Green)

Pickles is on the cover because she’s a clue that the content is kind of unexpected in a variety of ways. And she’s so cute.

Night of the Squirrels: Dawn of the Interns – a slightly more thorough explanation

Night of the Squirrels: Dawn of the Interns – purchasable

12.  High concept spelling issues: ginny pigs ghost hunter

So I started a series of paintings and silkscreens about this very issue… I also had Ginny dolls as a child. It’s like this person is psychic. Anyway, the first time I included the concept was in a painting for Mr. Cheese that is somewhat visible in some of my photos – Thaddeus and Pammy take over for the Ghostfacers from Supernatural investigating the Murder House from American Horror Story. Danger Crumples is their intern, kicking the pink flamingo from the Electric Six song. It’s basically the only area you can see behind Ozymandias besides Belvedere being Ryan Gosling from Drive and the bottom of Pickles dressed up as Constance from AHS standing on the end of the Chevy from Drive Angry.

Discussing my artwork in this capacity reminds me of the Maria Bamford bit about taking art classes from Wizard. “The last time I saw that look… Ojai, ’74.”

Are there ghosts behind this pumpkin? This chair is known to be haunted .

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Winter is totally still coming. Still coming.

9. Frostbite – David Wellington

Wellington seems to specialize in adding freshness to a variety of monster tales. In the werewolf sector, he’s added a couple of interesting things – that lycanthropy is actually an ancient curse that turns humans into extinct dire wolves (which would make the film version easier to make), that Dzo guy – but overall this was a very fast read that didn’t entirely stick with me. Cheyenne was not a narrator that rang entirely true to me and I do think that sometimes male authors have a bit of a problem once they’re writing from the inside of a female head, it’s a matter of seeing the hand of the author in the writing more so than the actions of a character. Really, a lot of authors have trouble writing outside their gender. And one thing that did stand out was the amount of time Cheyenne spent looking for either food or clothing. I guess that works if you change into a wolf every single time the moon comes up, but there’s something to be said for glossing over the mundane details.

Pansy werewolves, finding food is easy. I found a cucumber on top of this pillow. – Twiglet

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I wish winter was coming to kill Joffrey, speaking of angsty young men. Any minute now would be good.

12. Fade – Robert Cormier

Robert Cormier is a master of the young adult genre. He does not hold back and try to make things palatable and I really wish that it was easier to get today’s youth to read classic YA like Cormier; his work is excellent for youthful boys who think that only girls read. It’s twisted (this book particularly), it confronts angst and bleak feelings and situations that are very relevant to any young person growing up. Especially ones with tumultuous feelings. Everything is not happy all the time. And it can’t rain all the time. Ha.

Fade is as dark and mysterious and has as angsty a main character as the other Cormier works that I’ve read, but it also has some strange turns. It’s set in 1930s Massachusetts and the majority of the story revolves around this kid named Paul. In each generation of Paul’s family one person is born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires…wait, no, they fade. Paul is warned about the dangers of fading by his uncle and in turn winds up warning his nephew Ozzie about the fade. Paul also ends up writing a memoir which ends up in the hands of his distant cousin. The book covers three different generations of the family and gets to be a bit too long to be fair, perhaps Cormier could have taken out the random incest.

Random incest, you say? Ozymandias and Danger Crumples never had a chance to hit on their aunts, sisters, or daughters, like some guinea pigs I know…or the Lannisters. Sigh.

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