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“This week in Ravi is the Best” from Jane Says is one of the things I’m most looking forward to about the show coming back.

29. iZombie I: Dead to the World- Chris Roberson & Michael Allred

30. iZombie II: uVampire- Chris Roberson & Michael Allred

32. iZombie III: Six Feet Under and Rising- Chris Roberson & Michael Allred

33. iZombie IV: Repossession – Chris Roberson & Michael Allred

My issues with the iZombie comics are basically the same issues I have with the depiction of female main characters by male writers occasionally – overly sexualized drawings (Such a comics norm, but, is it really necessary to have so many skin tight outfits in a non-superhero or athletic setting? Must one be aerodynamic to be a zombie? Who is this for? I miss Daria. Tangent.), seeming agency revealed to be influenced mainly by dudes (Daria squint. I really do miss her.), and of course, that female main character must be sacrificed (and she’s nude…because she becomes a Grow Monsters- those are heroic tits I guess) in order to save the world. Gwen seems nice, has some quirks, and barely felt real to me. Why did she like that Horatio guy exactly? Sometimes vampires aren’t necessary. Why does she call Scott “Spot” if he’s really her friend? He didn’t seem to need his self-esteem lowered any further. How many characters do we need in this story? Really, Amon? REALLY? What a dick.

Reading the comics just made me feel like I missed something. I loved Gwen’s Halloween costume in the first issue (Shaun). I like the idea of a were-terrier. I thought Dixie seemed like a pretty cool diner owner and needed some more scenes, maybe a spotlight issue, and after a little research I see the series was ended after 28 issues due to low sales. That makes some of the plot line drops and the wrap up make more sense. I can’t help but wonder if maybe Gwen’s choices weren’t as a result of a dude-issue (whether it’s Amon or Horatio) it might have found a female audience just a bit more solidly. The agency and dude influence issues are definitely something I don’t notice as much when watching the iZombie television show. Also, Liv Moore wears a lab coat a lot of the time. Doesn’t seem to make her less of a zombie or solid heroine. All I can say is, the show better not specifically end with Liv becoming a Grow Monster to eat an alien entity bent on devouring the world. Although if it does, it will just be one more reminder of what women won’t be able to get any credit for after that disaster of an election. If they go that route, maybe she’ll just let the alien eat us. I think we’d be better off…at the least it would be unexpected and it’s not like we’ll get equal pay or recognition before I’m dead anyway.

Now is the time on Guinea Pigs and Books where I brag about how Rose McIver liked the postcard I gave her of this painting. She asked me if she could keep it, which was the sweetest possible thing she could have done. Rose McIver is excellent and very small, not unlike Ozma, the guinea pig playing her in the painting.

Now is the time on Guinea Pigs and Books where I brag about how Rose McIver liked the postcard I gave her of this painting . She asked me if she could keep it, which was the sweetest possible thing she could have done. Rose McIver is excellent and very small, not unlike Ozma, the guinea pig playing her in the painting.


Thankfully, the very small Ozma will never have to worry about any of the things I get to worry about or becoming a zombie.

Thankfully, the very small Ozma will never have to worry about any of the things I get to worry about or becoming a zombie.



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“She has to go. She knows we suck.”

52. Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life – Bryan Lee O’Malley

Ahh, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life. The title really says it all for me. I enjoyed this whole series of comics, technically I enjoyed them quite a bit. I love the way Bryan O’Malley has drawn the characters and their environment. I enjoyed the film as well (excellent soundtrack and Edgar Wright was the only director who could truly understand what needed to happen on screen for this to work out and I think it did). I just don’t like Ramona and Scott. I disliked both of them for their very realistic qualities and I’ve just known so many Scotts in their perpetual adolescences and Ramonas with their inabilities to stick to their choices and at my age they’re still running around annoying you while you try to get your shit together and wonder how they keep their apartments with all of their commitment to running around following their own ridiculous whims. Damn you gullible boys and your Manic Pixie Dream Girls! That’s not my phrase, by the way. I think it’s Nathan Rabin’s, but it might be someone else from the AV Club in their infinite wisdom of calling out those damn girls who inspire you to break free from your uptight clothes-wearing lifestyle and follow your dream of goat herding and spontaneity into total ruin and oblivion right before they dump you for the exact thing they said they didn’t want. Anyway, this is going to be a long one because I’m going through the whole series and the movie. Right now.

As with any comic, the background characters make it for me. I don’t trust protagonists to entertain me, they’re too busy with their own shit. Like Scott in this book and all the other ones. Also, I read this too long ago to remember it well enough separately from the movie. My review, my rambling, my inabilities… Here’s Mortemer:

Morty and his precious little fleece blanket and staring corner.

So the first one introduced us to Scott and his questionable taste in girlfriends. Not too far in the distant past of the city I live in, a 23 (Scott’s 22) year old was arrested for taking some high school girls to a “community center party” which happened to be in his basement. Just saying. There’s a reason that sometimes girls like me have to tell boys that it’s not a good idea to hang out with jailbait. Be smart, don’t engage, boys. However, we also meet Sex Bob-Omb, the band composed on very amusing people, Wallace, and I think we meet Julie but I can’t remember. Either way, I relate to Julie. Especially movie Julie. I can make the censorship box fly out in front of my face too. And I have the ability to sneer mightily and make demands. Woo, Julie!

53. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Yay, Kim back story! Also, I liked the attitude of Ramona’s second evil ex-boyfriend. And actually, I like the idea of forcing Scott to defeat all of these exes – it’s kind of like forcing him to really think about whether or not he really, really wants to date Ramona and how ludicrous the baggage that all people carry into their dramatic-town twenties is and here’s Mortemer again:

Mortemer’s baggage has hay in it.

57. Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness – And we have reached my favorite of all of the books! It also happens to have inspired my favorite scene in the movie, which is mostly what I’ll be discussing. Okay, Brandon Routh and his vegan powers. Now, I am not interested in becoming a vegan, partially because of the level of smug I would apparently have to achieve. It would be hard. However, I think that the concept of veganism was perfectly dealt with in this series and the film. Brandon Routh gets a lot of crap for his portrayal of Superman, which I read somewhere was more like him playing Christopher Reeve playing Superman, and that totally makes more sense; I believe he also may have received some crap for his portrayal of Dylan Dog. I feel that the scene of Brandon-Todd discussing his vegan powers with that major smirk of doom and then the look of horror and whiny tone when those powers were taken away by the vegan police were enough proof that if he had just winked a little bit more when saying every line of dialogue from Dylan Dog, it would have been way more awesome. I sat in the theatre going “I know you could do this better! You’re Iowan for pete’s sake, we know how to use sarcasm and this is totally meant to be played as snarky-jerk detective! Wink, goddamnit!” And then I kicked the back of the seat of the girl in front of me for getting on her damn phone. His cameo in Zack and Miri was super awesome too. Wink more, Brandon, I know you can do it.

By the power of corncobs, use your Iowan sarcasm powers!

58. Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together – Yep. Choices. Oh no! And Julie! Who would have thought that Julie would be the catalyst for forced choice making? Nope, certainly not me. Morty?

Morty: Why, why must you force me to make choices between my nature of whimsicalness and my responsibilities, Twiglet? Twiglet: Are you kidding me? Get off my fleece.

59. Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe – I really enjoyed the party scene in this one. I wish they had represented this highly amusing scene in the movie; however, instead I got “Garbage Truck” and “Threshold” that get stuck in my head all the time in a pleasant way. And that epic concert by Crash and the Boys.

Soooooo sad. Bath time and post-bath time make Mortemer remember the work of Crash and the Boys fondly.

60. Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour – I have to say I did enjoy the ending to this series. Dealing and stuff. Nice.

And it’s over? Curling up for a nap.

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