35. Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters (2003 version) – John Waters

I love this book for many reasons, however the main thing I love about it is that John Waters included little story lists of things he loves and hates. He hates many little, arbitrary things. Me too. He also has a story about true crime paperbacks, which invaded my consciousness via repeated fixing of the 364.1523 shelves and haven’t left yet. Since I didn’t have to look up that Dewey designation (not initially, although I did double check to make sure I was right), I’m sure they never will.

John Waters is one of my role models, although I haven’t read his book called Role Models to find out what his are (beyond Squeaky, and I just can’t quite get behind that despite the shades of gray surrounding the situation), and I’m sure that watching his films as a young child had a profound effect on how much I enjoy high and low culture simultaneously.  Their influence could also have something to do with my taste for the absurd and morbid, although that’s more likely to have come directly from my borderline lifelong interest in Edward Gorey. If I was writing my own version of this book (which I could, I guess, but no one would care and I would have to do research to make the essays worthwhile…) there would probably be Gorey and Waters chapters interspersed between all the chapters about guinea pigs and other cute little fat things.

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Murderface is so cute….



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