The name’s Pammy!

71. Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce

I was discussing heroines at a writer’s conference recently, both formally and informally, and I found myself agreeing and saying that the world needs more badass bitches. It’s true. There just aren’t enough examples of truly badass bitches in literature. Or at least I can’t name enough main characters I can describe that way right now and that is a problem because I seek them out. There are women you can argue as being cool, or having some skills, and I’ve said before that I think that writing I don’t necessarily like very much can be saved by including a lady with some skills, because then I can at least respect it. My method of designating one of my characters as a badass bitch was to give her an eye patch, which also happens in Sisters Red with Scarlett, lose an eye gain street cred. Regan is my own personal version of Snake Plisskin (and soon the description of my book on the e-reading purchaseable sites will reflect this as well). She’s going to get to the bottom of some shit, she’s not all that nice, and she can see through bullshit (usually). I’m saying all that both as very subtle self-promotion (May! In May it will be improved and sequeled!), because the lead character in Sisters Red is pretty much a badass bitch revised-Little Red Riding Hood style, and because my darling Pammy has turned out to be a badass pig just this very week.

Pammy, badass pig, just went through her second surgery to remove a tumor from her beautiful face. If you viewed her today from above, you’d think half her face was missing, the tumor was the size of a walnut and much cheek fluffiness had to be shaved off to sort it out. Pammy was the teenage mother of a clearly incest-based child, her daughter passed away of pneumonia, Pammy had onsetting symptoms but survived, then she demonstrated every symptom of having ovarian cysts (including hitting on every single other pig in the herd, even Murderface, her sworn enemy/fellow teen mother) and had surgery to remove all her ovaries (two cysts per) three months after the end of her pneumonia medication, moved with me to Iowa and moved in with Thaddeus, and now she had a walnut sized tumor removed from her face and she is peppier than I expected. She’s the She Ra of guinea pigs and I am so proud of her. She’s a badass. She deserves an action figure. And she will turn four in June. Bow to the Pammy.

She is Duke of New York! She is A Number One!

Vintage Pammy. Teeny feets and fluffy cheeks.


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