I was expecting some sleuthing escapades

33. Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist – Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Lies!  I wasn’t really expecting any sleuthing escapades when I read this, I just wanted to reference the reference the book is making to classic couple Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man series of films, which I have not seen. I have shelved the films many times and I can say that as a result when I first looked at the cover of the movie version of this book I thought about that series of movies. I’m on to you, Cohn and Levithan! But very few mysteries are solved in the book – damn those bands and their secret shows – however, the screwball elements that are supposedly a hallmark of the Thin Man series I still haven’t seen are definitely a part of this book. And the movie. I’m not sure that Michael Cera was the right choice for Nick. Scott Pilgrim, yes. The book version of Nick was much more interesting than movie Nick and I blame Michael Cera. The trade off being that movie Caroline was more fun than book Caroline (but being in Nora’s head and hearing about her friendship with Caroline throughout the book might have influenced that opinion, I felt bad for both of them).  And, now that I think about it, movie Tris was much more of a one-note than book Tris. Book Tris did appear to have a bad case of narrative-moving decisionitis, though.

Anyway, I really dig the one night, music fueled concept. Some nights are just electric. I did want to hear a little more about the shows they were seeing, but music is very hard to write about without resorting to shitty clichés.


I got my Tomahawk ticket today! I’m off to see Mike Patton, the wonderful wizard of [I want to say “song” here but it sounds so ridiculous. Syllables! Damn them!]

Belvedere and Pickles disliked music. They might have liked sleuthing. I often consider my guinea pigs as little investigators regardless. There’s something about their constant quest for smells and sneaking abilities, well, not Pickles. She ran like a rhino. She was incapable of being sneaky. Bel could have joined the G-Force. If it was legitimate.


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