The barrier was not meant to be crossed. The ground is sour.

72. Overwinter – David Wellington

This time, Cheyenne has a purpose. And more things to do than worry about harvesting clothing from her surroundings. It seemed like Wellington realized that he wasn’t as interested in writing about werewolves and decided to put in some action to finish off the pair of books instead of going on relatively indefinitely like his vampire series does (Mr. Cheese has read all those, I have not, but he was occasionally very frustrated by plot points) or creating a satisfying trilogy of zombie stories. I appreciated the increased action and I like journey stories so the idea of having to go somewhere mysterious and snowy to fulfill mythological obligations and/or find a lycanthropy cure appealed to me. And like I said, more action, less clothes hunting, and there was a crazy, old werewolf in it too. Unfortunately the crazy old werewolf did not explain that “sometimes dead is better” in the voice of Fred Gwynne.

Twiglet was not buried in a cursed place so she didn’t come back and slit anyone’s Achilles tendon. She’s not haunting me either. Hmph.

Twiglet and Pammy journey across the white towel to fulfill their teddy bear pig destinies, which appear to be to their right.


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