Admirable or Impish?

It’s snowing super hard while I am typing this. I guess the first storm of this year is making up for the majority of the Iowan winter last year. Dick. Anyway, back to my epic coverage of search terms:

13. Search terms of the apocalypse (sigh) : jugged boobsstranger

I’ve got no idea how this lead to me. It’s one of the most interesting sets of words I’ve come across and I have read some seriously ridiculous writing. Plus “boobsstranger,” a new compound word. Is it a mistake? Is someone trying to re-write Finnegan’s Wake from a pervy perspective?

14. Duh, of course this would lead here: very cute guinea pigs

I may be biased, but mine are ridiculously cute.

Danger and Morty were best friends.

It is tiring being so damn adorable.

I wasn’t even dangling parsley behind the camera.

Was there ever even a question of their cuteness?

Belvedere and Pickles had a complicated but jovial relationship.

So cute she’s getting checked out by her brother. Yep.

15. Really? Spelling! : essay summery about the thrill club by r.l. stine

I guess I covered that: The Thrill Club, a true classic of our times

Maybe if we allow teachers to teach, the quality of our nation’s book reports will improve. Or maybe kids will make the same choices as they did in the late 1990s. But it’s a chapter book! Yeah, technically. Barely.

How is that even necessary? I guess it might be if “summary” is getting hard to spell. – Murderface

16. Yes, yes she was: twiglets funny

So beautiful. So in your face.


17. I’ve had several: baby boy ginny pigs

There’s that “ginny” again.

The hole in the chair below his chin was not ripped by Mortemer.

Baby Mortemer by Mr. Cheese’s side, as usual.

The part of the situation you can’t see in this picture is baby Pickles trying to nurse from Mortemer, her father.

Baby Belvedere nursing from Mama Murderface.

Bel needed no encouragement in looking for smells.

Baby Bel with his father Mortemer.

Who knew he would basically turn into Rapunzel without the tower? Tangled, indeed.

Baby Danger Crumples

18. I can’t believe how many people are looking for this quote: two trappers find human feet in a pile of mush. this is one job the carpet cleaners mess up badly

Deadly Women is one of my favorite shows, I still want to watch the episode about Amy Archer-Gilligan . The one that quote is from is called “Love You to Pieces,” and apparently the carpet cleaner/killer is of much interest. If more feet are found in the desert I won’t be surprised.

Do you folks like coffee?

Have a confrontational holiday from Murderface and baby Duncan Hills!


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