How does one properly anger the townspeople?

22. We Have Always Lived in the Castle – Shirley Jackson

I knew before I read this book that I would love it, it was one of those things I had a feeling about when I read the title. As soon as I saw the name Merricat and heard that the story involved poisoning and living alone-ish and being pretty agoraphobic (for good reason, at first I thought maybe the townspeople weirdness was just in Merricat’s head because she is somewhat unreliable, but it so isn’t) I knew I’d found the book for me. Replace Jonas the cat, Merricat’s everyday companion, with the right guinea pigs and take out Constance and Uncle Julian and this book outlines one of my possible futures. I just need a house surrounded by nothing and a root cellar…and to delve deeper into the ritualistic, suspicious parts of my brain. It’s doable. Pass the sugar.


Thanksgiving is a time for stepping all over the harvest symbols. Yay, Taddy!


Harvest-related holidays are also a time for suspicion, Ozy knows Danger Crumples is up to something.


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