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66. Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown – Ryan Buell & Stefan Petrucha

It is Mr. Cheese’s birthday and he is very important to me so I’m talking about him instead of really bothering to review. I know this will be a shocking digression for anyone who keeps up with my reviewing… Anyway, one of the shows that Mr. Cheese and I used to enjoy together is Paranormal State. It was on A&E and now there are re-runs available on the Biography channel that I cannot see because I do not have that channel….ergh. Mr. Cheese and I find most programming about ghost hunting and documentation to be highly amusing. I’m not really bothered about whether or not it’s fake, because most of what happens would be relatively easy to fake, I like the characters and seeing the areas of the country that are supposed to be haunted. Abandoned asylum? Probably haunted. Condemned prison? Probably haunted. Got a respirator and a pagan ritual or some cleansing prayers? We’re going in. And it can be nice to see people at least pretend to appreciate the lives that have been led by people under duress and attempt to make sense of spooky noises.

Mr. Cheese and I’s favorite aspects of Paranormal State were the random appearances of Chip Coffey, enthusiastic psychic. Or maybe he doesn’t call himself a psychic, anyway, he is awesome. This one time, they were investigating a home that had housed a Nazi sex dungeon in Detroit (yep, Nazi sex dungeon) and when they brought Chip Coffey in, he had a number of loud, highly entertaining reactions. And he wears scarves, I am also quite fond of scarves and so is Mr. Cheese, we aren’t efficiently psychic though. We also enjoyed the underlying tension between Ryan and Serge, we knew there was something more going on and it turns out they own a dog together (I learned something from this book and that was it).

Here’s Mr. Cheese and his bestest guinea pig friend Morty, both trying to take a nap.


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