Coming Soon for Summer 1994: The Dead Lifeguard

26. The Thrill Club – R.L. Stine

This was my favorite R.L. Stine cover in middle school. It had royal purple, chartreuse, dynamic poses, and shiny red letters spelling out the author’s name. Maybe someday I’ll get to have shiny red letters spelling out my name on one of my books, on that day I will have reached the pinnacle of achievement in terms of authorship. The pinnacle.

When I started reading this, the footsteps “thudding” on the pavement, the offering of cans of Coke, and the sweatshirt descriptions were comforting and familiar. R.L. Stine’s books have always reminded me of pulp novels – short, snappy, and serving the purpose of entertainment alone. I’m not sure that what is portrayed about the country of New Guinea in The Thrill Club was particularly positive. Apparently the people of New Guinea are fans of chanting and zombie creation… at least according to some high school student with wavy hair, a camo t-shirt, and black jeans who doesn’t really like his girlfriend anymore.  The best part was that the chanting was showcased via cassette. Cassettes, providers of subliminal messaging capabilities and the main way I listen to music.

There’s a New Guinea? – Danger Crumples


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