Immortality for everyone!

27. Locked in Time – Lois Duncan

Every once in a while you end up hanging out at some plantation in Louisiana with a mysterious past and even more mysterious occupants. It just happens. Skeleton Key, other stuff, Locked in Time, sometimes there aren’t any occupants and it’s your own mysterious past you’re looking into, i.e. Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh and I’m sure that has happened in many Louisiana-based things I can’t think of right now. Mysterious plantation homes are all over the place in Louisiana, waiting to pop up and kidnap you into your own southern heritage mystery that is usually happening during Mardi Gras so that you can also be swept up into the revelry and lose yourself. Yep. Happens all the time. It’s either happened to me several times or not at all given my previous proximity to Louisiana. Locked in Time doesn’t actually take place during Mardi Gras, but you know, the plantation-slash-mysterious past-slash-everything in Louisiana is actually close to Bourbon Street when it’s busy trope is alive and well somewhere, it’s probably waiting to eat me for making fun of it. I’ll be there after Christmas and suddenly a plantation home will jump in front of me, jaws open. I’ll be totally ready for it, depending on the outcome of the upcoming election. I already voted, but I live in a swing state and am starting to feel persecuted in a variety of ways. I cannot wait for this to be over and am contemplating becoming an ex-pat if the more “locked in time” candidate ends up winning. I have never contemplated becoming an ex-pat before because I really love my country, but I refuse to go back in time or end up in The Handmaid’s Tale.

This is Belvedere’s angry face. Belvedere is angry at the man…and apparently at the light. I’m with him.


Anyway, this book was rather gripping and mysterious. Lois Duncan knows what she’s doing and has since forever. Maybe she was scrabbled up in the chops of a mysterious plantation and spit out to write extremely successful young adult thrillers. I’ll just assume that’s what happened and await my turn. Fingers crossed.

Belvedere, a little man with big leadership potential from beyond the grave. If only we’d found the immortality plantation while he was still here.


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