Signs point to hay

63. Divine Misfortune – A. Lee Martinez

Out of all the A. Lee Martinez books I’ve read (which is all of them except The Automatic Detective, Too Many Curses, and Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain), this one is my favorite. Maybe I’m just really partial to personified gods and deities, maybe I just dig it when raccoons wear clothes fictionally, I’m not entirely sure.

The premise of acquiring the benefits (and massive pitfalls) of the powers of a variety of gods when matched with Martinez’s assorted band of slacker characters, including Lucky the slacker raccoon god who is very reminiscent of Tanuki – folkloric dude of having giant balls and shape shifting mischievousness and not honoring promissory notes, just really worked in Divine Misfortune. And even though it all goes wrong in a remarkably similar manner thematically to several of Martinez’s other works, hint, the world might end up in total chaos if some slacker doesn’t step up, unhint, this time I was more interested in the outcome.

I’m not sure who I’d get if I signed up for the deity matching service online though, are there guinea pig deities? Why don’t I already know the answer to that question? I should have researched my anthropology paper on the uses of guinea pigs in the ancient world with more fervor – but it was just so unnerving to know that they were used as the Magic 8 balls of illness detection. Besides, all my pigs are deities. Especially Pickles, she’s prominent on the deity scale I’m using.

What’s over there? Apocalypse? Butter lettuce? Deity sign-up sheet? Pony? Three little deities want to know.


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