The Indispensable Jason and Quincy

21. Foxtrotius Maximus – Bill Amend

I found FoxTrot in the Silver City, New Mexico Public Library when I was in sixth grade. Not quite old enough to consider reading the newspaper on my own, I was shocked to see that comics other than Calvin and Hobbes had been published in book form. My grandfather had graciously lent me his copies of the Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes and the Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes previously and I spent a lot of time trying to capture the same spirit Calvin demonstrated during all family pictures. Now I slightly regret that I did that but oh well – I should have thought through the fact that I am not a drawing. Anyway, I’ve loved FoxTrot ever since.

Bill Amend’s drawing style really appeals to me, especially the way he draws the Fox family’s ears. And although it seems like my interests tend toward the subversive (and they do quite a bit of the time) there’s a lot of fun for me in reading about the innocuous scrapes Jason, Paige, Peter, Andy, and Roger get themselves into. Following Jason’s nerd-dom evolution through Lord of the Rings and Star Wars: Episode II (in this book) has been fun. Foxtrotius Maximus was published in 2004 when the Fox family and I both retained our iMacs, or sorry, theirs is an iFruit, and I wish that mine spoke to me with the same acerbic wit that theirs used.

Throughout time though, Quincy has always been my favorite character. I think that Quincy and Jason’s partnership was what told me that I needed a pet. Not an iguana, of course. Apparently they throw up and eat your sister’s homework and chew up her possessions, I can’t have that sort of thing regardless of whether or not I have a sister. And my pet needed to ride on my shoulder, not my head. Guinea pigs do not throw up. It’s just one more point in their column. And we’re playing for points.

Ozymandias has followed the guinea pig tradition by making friends with my reptilian stuffed animal and only slightly attempting to become friends with me. Sheesh.


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