Winter is totally still coming. Still coming.

9. Frostbite – David Wellington

Wellington seems to specialize in adding freshness to a variety of monster tales. In the werewolf sector, he’s added a couple of interesting things – that lycanthropy is actually an ancient curse that turns humans into extinct dire wolves (which would make the film version easier to make), that Dzo guy – but overall this was a very fast read that didn’t entirely stick with me. Cheyenne was not a narrator that rang entirely true to me and I do think that sometimes male authors have a bit of a problem once they’re writing from the inside of a female head, it’s a matter of seeing the hand of the author in the writing more so than the actions of a character. Really, a lot of authors have trouble writing outside their gender. And one thing that did stand out was the amount of time Cheyenne spent looking for either food or clothing. I guess that works if you change into a wolf every single time the moon comes up, but there’s something to be said for glossing over the mundane details.

Pansy werewolves, finding food is easy. I found a cucumber on top of this pillow. – Twiglet


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