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12. Beautiful Chaos – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

As I mentioned in my review of the first two books in this series (Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness), this book needed to accomplish some things to keep this series worth reading. There’s only so many times a couple can break up and get back together before everyone affected by their drama gets tired and stops giving either half of the couple their real listening ears. Thankfully, Beautiful Chaos took the action up and changed the through line of the story quite a bit. While we still had some whiny-Lena and puppy dog-style-Ethan, we also got some something-is-really-wrong-with-Ethan and the-answers-of-the-endtimes-do-not-always-lie-with-Lena – which was neat-o.

It was great to see some more interesting developments with the other characters as well. Taking the secondary characters out of their comfort zones gives them dimensions and fleshed out the world Garcia and Stohl created. It was excellent to see Ridley have to work some things out without her ubiquitous lollipop and to see Amma in a completely different light and Link moved to new spot well beyond “best friend who lends Ethan and Lena his car but mostly maintains the status quo” quite nicely as well. I’m pretty sure that in Beautiful Redemption, Lena’s going to be safely locked away inside the State Home for Manic Pixie Dream Girls though.

Danger Crumples visits the State Home for Manic Pixie Dream Girls as a therapy animal – he provides comfort and dashes their quirky dreams with his extreme adorability. They can never live up to his cuteness.



State Home for Manic Pixie Dream Girls



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