She likes to suffer, she has nothing to do

67. Linger – Maggie Stiefvater

Adding characters that are not-so-maudlin to the Sam and Grace romantic saga was definitely a good idea… However, the two added narrators have very similar approaches to their issues, not unlike Sam and Grace. It’s like we have the poemy, acoustic guitar couple and we have Isabel and Cole the techno-rock couple – that’s all I can think of with the name NARKOTIKA, it’s no KMFDM or NIN or even Big Black, and that’s all I’m saying. Not unlike many couples revolving around noisier music, they don’t entirely want to be together, but they do, they’re just so tortured. Musicians. Moving on, the plot in Linger raised the stakes a little bit but as a whole it’s not terribly dramatic to me. Maybe it’s the dreamy prose, takes all the bite out of the sharp bits.

Murderface has slightly woken from her nap, wondering why I would listen to “Pavement Saw” with guinea pigs in the house. They have excellent hearing and apparently mine hate most music.


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