We are reasonably satisfied with the events we have seen.

20. You Are So Undead to Me – Stacey Jay

This is for teens and it shows. It’s cute and focuses on dances and dating and girl-on-girl bitchiness and the recently deceased returning to life. And I have to say that when tackling similar topics, Ms. Jay did a much better job than the dude behind Zombie Blondes. If your story is going to stay mainly on the surface, it’s best to have a solid surface. Narrator Megan Berry was a little irritating for me, I did want to ask her to get off my lawn at one or two points in the book, but she tries hard and was realistically portrayed. Sometimes her focus was in the wrong place, she seemed mildly uncoordinated, and she had a hard time dealing with her, um, responsibilities (to not give anything away, there’s some clever concepts in the book) – totally teenager.

Pickles is on the prowl for the unsettled. Murderface likes to cause the unsettling. It’s a tumultuous relationship.


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