Sweet shadow corn for the sweet

56. Pigeons from Hell – Joe R. Lansdale, Nathan Fox, & Dave Stewart

Apparently Robert E. Howard wrote some non-Conan stories and this is one of them, as adapted into a graphic novel with a new ending and some twists and turns by master of Hap and Leonard Joe R. Lansdale with inkster Nathan Fox and colorist Dave Stewart.

It’s one of those tales where there’s an abandoned New Orleans mansion and the theoretically long-lost heirs to the people that owned it and dissolved under their own mythology return to find it in ruins and possibly now taken up by the occasional startling feral cat, an angry homeless person or two – possibly a gang – and, especially in this case, the super-scary fluttering birdies. Then the heir-apparents have to navigate a curse in order to claim what is theirs or die under the weight of it. Just like in Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh, one of my all-time favorite sequels. This time, instead of antiques dealers and Tony Todd being all cool and murdering people who were ashamed of their family lineage, there are pigeons, flesh ripping (well, I guess that’s kind of the same, but no bees), a trek through the swamp to the owner of a bottletree to learn the real story of why their house is killing hippies. And there’s corn! It’s not very nice corn, but it’s corn.

Ozymandias does not wish to hear about any long-lost inheritances. Leave that to the Mississippi pigs, he’s an Illinois boy all the way.


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