We’re not using the ‘Zed’ word

18. Eat. Slay. Love. – Jesse Petersen

Sarah and David finally reach the Midwest! And there’s a wall. I was reading Jesse Petersen’s blog and there was mention of another Sarah and David book…eventually… I find that both maddening and something to look forward to. Not unlike the somewhat mystifying possible future of Ugly Americans, a show I enjoy with zombies and my favorite character, Doug the Koala-man aka Cesar the Murder Bear. At least I know there will very likely be another Living with the Dead book. I don’t know what will happen to Doug. I just don’t know.

Anyhow, this series showed me where the witty people of the post-apocalypse ended up, it has enough pop culture references to keep a reader like me happy, snappy dialogue, and enough gory action to work within the zombie canon. Sarah and David moved beyond whinging about the loss of humanity and stockpiling canned goods long ago, which for me is really the direction the zombie canon needed to go. It was just so refreshing to read a few zombie books without a grocery store confrontation or some arbitrary rape or the serious seriousness of Serious Falls. Thank you, Jesse Petersen, now please write at least one more with Sarah and David. They’re more fun to follow through the zombie apocalypse than most characters and that means a lot to those of us who have senses of humor and love plagues.

Murderface and Pickles did not come up against the Midwest Wall. They came up against a much greater obstacle: the edge of the bed.


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