Teenagers from Mars, we don’t care

68. Three Quarters Dead – Richard Peck

Speaking of classic young adult (and children’s) authors, Richard Peck has some seriously strong credentials. My introduction to him was a time traveling ghost story – Voices After Midnight, a 1990 classic that I have re-read several times. Three Quarters Dead was like a less successful version of Peck’s classic ghost stories that was geared directly towards girls and also caved in to peer pressure. This is an author who should not end up looking like he’s trying too hard but this book is just not quite right on a few levels. A supernatural clique should have been creepier and I am well aware that Peck can make things creepy. Maybe there was a rushed contract deadline in there somewhere. Anyway, Three Quarters Dead reads quickly enough, but something is just…wrong and it’s not in the uneasy awesome way that things feel wrong in Voices After Midnight.

Classic Pammy, looking for what’s not quite right on the chair. Maybe there’s a ghost under the embroidered pillow or maybe it’s behind the ominous black velvet skull pillow. Mystery is where you least expect it.


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