I wish winter was coming to kill Joffrey, speaking of angsty young men. Any minute now would be good.

12. Fade – Robert Cormier

Robert Cormier is a master of the young adult genre. He does not hold back and try to make things palatable and I really wish that it was easier to get today’s youth to read classic YA like Cormier; his work is excellent for youthful boys who think that only girls read. It’s twisted (this book particularly), it confronts angst and bleak feelings and situations that are very relevant to any young person growing up. Especially ones with tumultuous feelings. Everything is not happy all the time. And it can’t rain all the time. Ha.

Fade is as dark and mysterious and has as angsty a main character as the other Cormier works that I’ve read, but it also has some strange turns. It’s set in 1930s Massachusetts and the majority of the story revolves around this kid named Paul. In each generation of Paul’s family one person is born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires…wait, no, they fade. Paul is warned about the dangers of fading by his uncle and in turn winds up warning his nephew Ozzie about the fade. Paul also ends up writing a memoir which ends up in the hands of his distant cousin. The book covers three different generations of the family and gets to be a bit too long to be fair, perhaps Cormier could have taken out the random incest.

Random incest, you say? Ozymandias and Danger Crumples never had a chance to hit on their aunts, sisters, or daughters, like some guinea pigs I know…or the Lannisters. Sigh.


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