There’s only so much blood and fur to go around.

14. Deadlocked – Charlaine Harris

Holy developments, Batman! Finally. Something felt like it was happening. On occasion I could tell that the last book was being foreshadowed, but I’ll let that go because some relationships and plot points managed to come together into a story where stuff happened and, overall, foreshadowing is not bad. Being able to see the hand of the author smacking you in the face with a cluviel dor, on the other hand, um, I won’t say anything about that either.

Sookie ran quite the gamut of emotions, which was great to read. She seemed to be really taking stock of her place in the world and since this is the penultimate book of the series, she picked a really good time to do that. Harris picked a good time to scale the world back a bit as well. At times while reading the series it felt like I needed a roster of all the characters so I’d know who the hell Sookie was talking about now – I can say that I’m a fan of combining people to make the action tighter, why were there so many people around when Victor was murdered? So many loose ends, so little time to tie them up. In the end of Deadlocked the world got a little smaller and that’s for the betterment of the ending. Certain characters matter more to the story than others and deserve a proper send off. It’s a little hard to montage in books too, I mean, you could tell your readers what song to play while they read the tiny vignettes about what happens to everyone that may or may not happen, but they may feel that the books are ruined by the song choice. You can’t please everyone in a montage. Montage.

Ham-fisted foreshadowing: Ozymandias may appear more often. He may not though, he has a bladder stone and those things only arrive to take guinea pigs from me right after we bond significantly.


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