Those wacky champions.

8. Buffy Season Eight: Twilight – Brad Meltzer, Joss Whedon, Georges Jeanty…

So, classic couples twist. Okay. Right. I think this review, which pops up on Amazon as an example of the reviews, and rightly so, says it all: “The big reveal makes very little sense” – SJ Parker. Thanks, SJ, that’s exactly how I felt.

Let’s bring back that whole “cookie dough” discussion, shall we? Because it wasn’t hard enough to hear it the first time, and then that time during that Angel episode (I liked “The Girl In Question”, some people didn’t, but Angel and Spike banter is where it’s at when you’ve read many, many whiny vampire stories, it’s nice to hear them properly sound like five year olds instead of being expected to take the whining seriously), and now they’re here again- Baking! Oh the shenanigans!

Murderface does the lean of dissastisfaction.


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