I’m never going to see a Merman.

40. Dead Reckoning – Charlaine Harris

I just received the newest volume of the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampires series in the mail. I’m looking forward to reading it because the reviews I’ve read indicate that it is not another place holder. Dead Reckoning didn’t completely read as a place holder, but it did screw up some things that didn’t need to be screwed up. I am not necessarily an Eric supporter, or a Bill supporter, or an Alcide supporter, or even a Sam supporter, in fact, I think that sometimes, dudes get in the way. I realize that there would be no story without some interaction with these dudes but I can’t help but feel like the number of times Sookie’s been thrown around or had to stand her ground for some guy who will just be a jerk to her in the next book where she inevitably finds some other supernatural creature in tight jeans with his shirt tucked in (Quinn’s introductory outfit left a lasting impression) to hit on her is a little much. And sometimes it seems like she gets sick of it but it’s a bit of a vicious cycle nonetheless. One of the things that I’ve enjoyed about watching True Blood (despite its own generous display of issues) is that it’s more of an ensemble. It’s fun to watch what Jason is doing and I’m usually very glad to see what Lafayette is up to; even when they’re both going through pretty ridiculous things like randomly becoming a medium or the idiot lapdog of a werepanther. I enjoy the supporting characters more on the show. I like Sookie as a person better in the books because we know what she’s thinking and so at least she’s making the decisions about which tight-jeaned supernatural creature she’ll go out with next.

Anyway, limitations of first-person, this is why authors end series, etc. I have my qualms, but I’m seeing this thing through to the end because they’re fun to read and they’re not making me think about the looming realities of everyday life. I read recently that this year’s Maya-predicted world-ending is not happening – what? I was looking forward to that. Cabin in the Woods style, preferably. Did Japan or Stockholm un-screw up this year?

Thaddeus likes to sleep on his stuffed goat in an uninterrupted manner. Only large, coherent story developments will make him get up or stop making this face of disdain.


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