Take off your sunglasses, Glenn.

27. Road Dogs – Elmore Leonard

Out of Sight is hands down my favorite Elmore Leonard work. There are pluses and minuses to each of his books, however, Out of Sight read like a shot and I was very pleasantly surprised by how it was put together. It was great. And the movie version was great too. It’s the only movie where I really thought Jennifer Lopez was doing a great job acting (she did well in Selena, but that movie has a greater significance in terms of its aims than Out of Sight). So, when I saw that Road Dogs would involve Jack Foley again I was excited to read it. And it was enjoyable, but it just didn’t have the electricity of Out of Sight. Maybe it’s because Karen Sisco and Glenn and the majority of the other characters from Out of Sight aren’t in it. Also, no Detroit. That’s a minus for me. The story was fine, it wasn’t terrible or ridiculous. It felt like a set of scenes that could have been excised from an epilogue to Out of Sight; where life is just moving on. That can be nice, but stakes are nice too.

What do you mean Karen and Glenn aren’t really in this one? I understand Karen may have had better things to do, but where’s Glenn? Steve Zahn did such a good job in that movie. - Murderface


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