Good old terrifying Mrs. Tuggle

27. Witch Weed – Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Until I found this book in my library I had no idea that the Mrs. Tuggle books went beyond The Witch’s Eye, which happened to scare me to death when I was younger. I’ve never really liked to feel like anyone or anything is watching me and so the glass eye rolling about and ending up in people’s pockets and causing them to do things was absolutely terrifying. This book is the fifth in the series and involves the same suspenseful lulling noises, flowers of evil, and Lynn smelling things. It also happens to pick up right where The Witch’s Eye left off. Terror! Anyway, smelling things that might kill me happens to be a hobby of mine as an allergic-asthmatic and relatively recently gasoline in a breaking air conditioning system and cat pee have both tried to stop my lungs from working. I can only imagine what would happen if I was a target of Mrs. Tuggle, who, like Voldemort, seems to keep leaving pieces of herself behind to terrify and enchant the local populous. I mean, geez, you burn her house down and throw her eye into the creek and she just keeps coming back.

I’m an herbivore, not a witch! – Belvedere doesn’t want anyone to question his intentions toward these pumpkins.


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