“That’s your plan, Ray? Get her?”

15. The Unseen – Alexandra Sokoloff

Psychology! Sealed records! A shhing librarian! A haunted house! A situation that must be recreated so the house explodes with bad ghost energy! Wait, aren’t you, like, psychic and possibly the key? There are many elements here that mirror Ghostbusters and The Haunting of Hill House and that was sort of what drew me into this story in the first place. That and Ms. Sokoloff’s writing, while it may deal with very familiar tropes of the horror genre, is fun to read and very quick. Also, I truly enjoy stories where people are almost prevented from doing things by librarians protecting their collections from deteriorating. Perhaps public libraries are supposed to be about access, but academic libraries tend to be about keeping things and keeping you from information you shouldn’t be touching with your dirty little hands and inquisitive tendencies. There are more librarians that feel this way than you think. There are also more who feel the opposite way. I miss non-circulating things. I also vaguely recall that the librarian in this book may have had a bun and glasses, to which I say, really? Even that trope must be attended to?

Twiglet’s response to ill conceived research projects and haunted houses: bury her head in her mother Pammy’s side until it goes away.


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