Tricking you into thinking he’s a pudgy little salesman, walking through the desert

39. Coyote Blue – Christopher Moore

The first appearance of Minty Fresh! I have to say, I love A Dirty Job. That is my favorite Christopher Moore book out of all of the ones I’ve read and I’m pretty sure that if I read the rest of his books it will still be my favorite. This one took me a while to get through, partially because the hippie child, lack of responsibility, someone will just provide everything to us lifestyle bugs the crap out of me and the love interest in this book, Calliope, is one of those people. Mostly. Thankfully the main character is mildly neurotic to say the least and that puts me at ease as a reader. Anyway, this book takes the reader on quite the journey of randomness, which I guess is appropriate for both a Moore book and one that deals with Coyote – he pees on stuff somewhere along the line and that stuck in my head. Possibly because I have multiple guinea pigs and their one and only goal some days is to pee on something I love or pee on something I’m wearing so I have a lost time accident. They can be so vindictive.

Who’s a little trickster? Certainly not Thaddeus.



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