The edges of the Midwest really are out there

41. Borderland – S.K. Epperson

S.K. Epperson has had a bit of an odd row to hoe. She’s published several books during the 1990s that are described by Kirkus and Publishers Weekly as “over-the-top” and “unconvincing” and by one librarian for Library Journal as “Not recommended;” those books are now mainly out of print. When someone murdered a goat in Borderland and slathered its blood all over the interior of a trailer home I understood why. It was a bit much. But that sort of gory and ridiculous violence seems to be Epperson’s trademark and since she’s re-published several of her books as Kindle editions they’ve received very glowing reviews from her readers. It’s always interesting to see the discrepancies between the authoritative reviewers and the actual audience and I feel that in the case of S.K. Epperson, both kinds of reviews are accurate. Borderland had its moments, but it also had some moments I wish I hadn’t read. But good on Epperson, she has her wacky genre and she’s sticking to it.

Reading Borderland was a lot like watching one of those 70s horror movies with titles like The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane or Let’s Scare Jessica to Death where the cover and title tell you nothing of the sheer weirdness you’re about to watch or why there’s random slasher elements and random supernatural elements and that pedophile over there is involved somehow and hey, cocaine!


Danger Crumples is sitting this one out. The Kansas-Colorado border is just too strange for him sometimes.


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