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26. In the Company of Ogres – A. Lee Martinez

Fantasy is not a genre I gravitate towards. The promise of possible subversion was what made me pick up this book and while it was almost subversive and satirized the genre, I forgot that subversion is more enjoyable when you’re well aware of the usual plotlines and tropes of the genre. Never Dead Ned was enjoyable for an immortal but reluctant leader and the gang of random creatures were pretty entertaining but as is my general gripe with A. Lee Martinez, because of the well honed slacker nature of the characters, I don’t believe in their choices as much or see them as viable world-savers, not unlike those lovable scamps at Planet Express who seem to save things on accident. They all strike me as characters that would need a lot more convincing to get off their mythical asses and save something. The conniving plots to kill Ned and the story as a whole are very enjoyable though.

Thaddeus is always up for saving something. Unless he’s napping under the pillow.



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