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44. Tell-All – Chuck Palahniuk

It’s seemed in the past couple of years that Chuck Palahniuk is writing books in entirely different languages. Pygmy took me forever to get into because of this. Tell-All, because of my general familiarity with celebrity-type things and enough Hollywood history to almost get the jokes, was more accessible. But somewhat less pleasant in a way. At least the dude in Pygmy was obviously trying to destroy something. Here it’s the personal assistant suspecting the next husband in a line of many husbands. And I cannot stand when people randomly bold things – I don’t care what they are – let the context of the sentence provide the emphasis! Don’t annoy my eyes!

The plight of the personal assistant is of interest to me. I once became an office assistant only to be confronted with slightly personal assistant-esque duties on occasion. This did not suit me. I prefer people who can do things for themselves, which is why if any shade of PA duty comes my way I will run in the opposite direction. Some people don’t mind it. I emphatically do. So in a way I could understand the motivations of Miss Coogan. But not enough to enjoy the book the whole way through. If I don’t care whether or not the main character is murdered it can be hard to enjoy things.

Palahniuk is definitely an author who polarizes people. I generally enjoy his work, my favorite one is Rant. And his next one looks pretty good, he mentioned in an interview that he’s been reading a lot of Judy Blume and that should certainly help this author-voice randomness that he’s getting into. Judy Blume is awesome.

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