Did you know that characters in novels, like real people, have functions that they must attend to in the woods? Even while plot is happening. The nerve.

14. The Awakening – Kelley Armstrong

And we continue on with the trilogy of Chloe, the film nerd without specific film information at any time. Now she, the werewolf, the magician, and the firestarter are on the run and there will be mentions of the need to pee a lot. I found myself noticing that Chloe needed to pee quite a bit, which brings me to another interesting aspect of books and movies. Unless someone needs to delay something or escape a bad guy or has to do something more supposedly comedic or tragic, it’s rarely necessary for characters to visit the bathroom or talk about how bodily functions happen on a regular basis. Yes, they happen, no, I don’t need to know every time Chloe needs to pee. Apparently that was the main thing I took away from reading this novel last year…that and the bickering. I totally noticed that Kelley Armstrong was setting up Derek and Chloe to, like, totally fall in love because they totally, like, hate each other and yet care for each other’s well being and shit. Anyway, I usually read entire series regardless of whether or not they contain enjoyable stories. I just need to know what happens or if it will get any better. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.


Unless you’re awakening Mustakrakish the lake troll, Twiglet does not wish to be notified with anything less than the specifics.


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