The Anti-pig

44. The Funhouse – Owen West

So this one time, this lady gave birth to the antichrist after running away with the traveling carnival show. And then, because the antichrist’s father was abusive after she murdered the demon-baby antichrist, she ran away to suburbia. But the antichrist’s father knew she would have more children who weren’t satanically inclined and he vowed to track them down and totally do something terrible to those non-evil children. Finding them takes a while. And at the end, there’s a come-to-Jesus moment and it ends. And they’re still in the funhouse. Oh, and Owen West is actually Dean Koontz in the before-time, when he wasn’t ready to be Dean Koontz. Or maybe he didn’t want to take direct responsibility for The Funhouse. Either way, it was abrupt. Sometimes I think it’s fun to read books that are novelizations of essentially bad horror movies and sometimes I wonder why I keep doing it. I guess in the hopes that I’ll find another The Haunting of Hill House or “I Am Legend.”


Belvedere wishes Danger Crumples would run away and join the traveling carnival show and thinks that he’s too fluffy not to be the antichrist.


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