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32. Passing Strange – Daniel Waters

The Generation Dead series is by far one of the best young adult series I’ve read. Each book takes place from the perspectives of different students in the same town – a town very much against the zombie teenagers that have returned, in this case, to work at the mall. For once, the outsiders are dead, but they’re all a bit like Bub from Day of the Dead. Sympathetic and just as interesting as their human counterparts. These are zombie stories about survival from a human rights perspective instead of a “we’re going to die” perspective.

Passing Strange comes mainly from the perspective of Karen, a very functional zombie. She was a character of intrigue in the first two Generation Dead books and now the stage is hers. All of the characters in this series are well developed and all of the plot lines ring true. Also, Karen is revealed as being from Iowa. Iowan characters always raise my expectations; because I’m an Iowan, a very proud Iowan, not unlike many Iowans. Waters didn’t mess up in his portrayal. No Midwest stereotypes were used. Thankfully.


Murderface is the proud pig of an Iowan.


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