Viva el Tub!

42. The Sisters Brothers – Patrick DeWitt

The Sisters Brothers, Charlie and Eli, take the reader on a windy journey. It was so windy that I forgot what the main plot of the book was supposed to be about halfway through. But I like stories of journeying, unless the author subjects me to songs that the characters are singing while they travel and then I get put off, and The Sisters Brothers offers up some strange characters and situations along the way. There were several aspects of the book that were enjoyable enough to distract from its slightly misplaced plot – Eli’s newfound love of dental hygiene, a young boy who finds himself consistently unconscious, and eventually when the plot finds itself the oddness of the man the brothers were sent to assassinate and the blistering ending of an attempt to pan for gold while some rather wily beavers observe them were all nicely described and rather pleasant to read. But for me, this book belonged to Tub. Tub is a horse that isn’t all there, gets attacked by a bear, and leads a generally miserable life overall. I was consistently worried about his welfare (thankfully, not unlike Eli) and knew that since he ended up being a character I was concerned about, he wasn’t going to make it through to the end. And it seems like the writers of Westerns have a tendency to kill off some sweet horses…


Twiglet was my Tub. She managed to avoid being attacked by bears by staying in her sheep sheets.


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