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3. The Walking Dead Compendium – Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, & Cliff Rathburn

Now I’m basically caught up! Yay. I started reading The Walking Dead around when it was first published and then I got behind by a few years so it was nice to finally see what the hell was happening. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a big zombie fan and it has occurred to me that most writers of zombie anything have assumed that any and all people with senses of humor are killed off within seconds of the zombie apocalypse. Especially the girls. Girls who are funny are apparently super unuseful in the post-apocalyptic future. Who knew that would be the way it’s represented so often? I may have to continue to do some writing against that. Anyway, there is very little humor or dialogue that does not strictly serve a specific function in The Walking Dead. This also seems to be true of the television show based on the comics. And the female characters have really sucky lives and little to no individualized characteristics. Oh wait, did someone cut their hair or avoid their children or bone one of the random male survivors? Because that totally makes them not only well-rounded, but also very distinguishable from each other.

I keep wondering if someday I’ll start remembering any of the female character’s names other than Lori and Andrea or if someone who is actually funny will show up. When do they run into the random civilization of witty people? When will the super seriousness of the super serious people with furrowed brows end? It’s not that I want to turn every zombie story into a laugh riot, it’s just that I don’t see how they can avoid the levity that often underscores tragic or super serious situations. A little levity goes a long way towards realistic dialogue.


Murderface says “Follow me to the witty people of the post-apocalypse, Pickles! But maybe not so close.”


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