I guess Sherlock Holmes’ hat is a symbol of quick-wittedness

34. Devil Red – Joe R. Lansdale

This is the first book of the Hap and Leonard series that I have read. I’m way late for their party and yet, their relationship is very easy to pick up even in a novel as short as Devil Red. I really enjoyed the discussions of Leonard’s deerstalker hat. Those are just unnerving if you aren’t Sherlock Holmes. Essentially I don’t think anyone who is not a nineteenth century English detective should wear one. And I can definitely say that Lansdale is the first writer to have written dialogue that went too fast for me. I’m pretty fast, but it was kind of excellent to be tripped up by something funny for once. My only gripe with the book is that even though I haven’t read any of the other novels featuring Hap and Leonard it still felt like a bit of a place holder, a chance to get re-showcase Vanilla Ride for a few seconds, and maybe these characters are winding down to something.


Thaddeus thinks that perhaps a deerstalker hat would set off his moustache nicely. He’s adventurous that way.


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