Miss Pickles Nickels

This is Pickles:

She's in the laundry basket. Inquisitive and fresh!

She’s one of the most fabulous pigs I have ever known. Sometimes I think she’s a replicant because no animal could be as sweet and funny and uncoordinated and cute as she is. She rarely seems real.

This morning I took her into the vet for what turned out to be two stones in her urethra and her bladder. She had emergency surgery (they were major stones) and she just woke up forty minutes ago. That is very special and she is a very important pig so I’m marking the occasion with more adorable pictures of my girl Pickles.

What's in the box? What's in the boooxxx?! Pickles, thankfully not just her head.

Technically, if Pickles had been lost or goes downhill post-surgery (which, so far, none of the four of my pigs who have had surgery have gone downhill afterward, thankfully), it would be Murderface, her lovely little mother, who would lose a cage-mate, a daughter, and the Pinky to her Brain.

Quite a pair of animated metal musicians these two are.



Also, here she is playing Chip Coffey from Paranormal State (top left corner, note the scarf) in one of my paintings featured in a blog post by my friend Charlotte: http://mercuryinmotion.blogspot.com/2011/06/confessions-from-guinea-pig-lover.html


At some point I’ll get back to book reviewing, but today cheers to Pickles! She’s a very strong pig.


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