Promotional Ridiculousness.

So, Pickles has decided to grace the cover of my very first Amazon Kindle publication:


Night of the Squirrels: Dawn of the Interns is the first in a young adult trilogy concerning the squirrelpocalypse. It has disappearances and robots and werewolves and purple stuff and witty quips and academic achievement and SUSPENSE and an isolated boarding school and mad scientists and taxidermy and the Q virus and wooded areas and bleeding and specific pop culture references and walkie talkies and friendship and bones and someone who finally gets to use their damn graduate degree – for a price. If you enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Spaced and Dog Soldiers and Daria, you have a high potentiality of enjoying this book. Book-wise, if you enjoy the work of Christopher Moore, A. Lee Martinez, Kelly Link, and young adult novels of the 80s and 90s you also have a high potentiality of enjoying this book. Music-wise, if you enjoy the work of The Raveonettes and Electric Six and Danzig and The Gun Club you really have a high potentiality of enjoying this book. If all of these things do not sound familiar to you, that’s okay, there’s also some very down to earth characters, both male and female, who have relationships and friendships and really, it’s about them and how they relate to each other during the confusing and intriguing early stages of the squirrelpocalypse that none of them are aware is in its early stages. Dawn of the Interns is a synthesis of many things resulting in a totally original romp of highjinks and realism. And Pickles is on the cover!

There’s also a more conceptual plot description with names on its purchase page:

I am about forty pages and some editing away from finishing the second volume of the trilogy, which will feature Duncan on the cover. No, guinea pigs are not squirrels, but they fit the 70s horror aesthetic I wanted for the Kindle covers and are very, very cute.

I will be creating some blog entries that have some insights about my book, this is the first of approximately two that I have planned. Shameless self promotion! Shamelessness!



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