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13. It’s My Fucking Birthday – Merrill Markoe

I was hoping this would involve a bit more self-actualization than it actually did. It is definitely important to realize that one deserves better than to be suited in terrifying outfits picked out by people with no sense of what you wear, dating boys who cannot commit and who will continually damage your sense of self, and being forced into public arguments about restaurant service versus expectations; but I had trouble caring about the protagonist after a while. The book had a bit of a plodding quality to it and I kept forgetting things that initially drew me in to reading it, like that the protagonist is an art teacher. I just felt like even though she was getting better per se at a snail’s pace, she might be stuck in her apartment wondering about physics forever without anything to look forward to at all. I hope she watches What About Bob? at some point and realizes that one cannot be contained in an apartment forever and that if you’re okay alone, there are many picturesque places where you can take up residence and continue your baby steps.

Pickles has not yet started her baby steps out of the blankets. Someday she’ll come out….and go right back in.


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