your eyes are like space crystals

64. Sleepwalk With Me – Mike Birbiglia

I first saw Mike Birbiglia on Comedy Central, discussing how he acts when he has two drinks and one of my least favorite people, the guitar guy at the party. I hate that guy. No one can fool me with false sincerity. No one!

When I saw that he had a memoir I was very excited to read it. And after reading his stories about showing up to comedy clubs and hightailing it back and forth to make zero money I’ve gained more respect for him. And this book was sincere and hilarious. I also really enjoyed his discussion of Mitch Hedberg, another comic I’ve been very fond of for a long time, it’s cool to know that multiple comics I really enjoy were helping each other out… and of course it’s cool to know that Mitch Hedberg really was as awesome as he seemed. Mike Birbiglia will probably be just as awesome soon. Perhaps a frog will settle near him.

Belvedere is already totally awesome. Look at that nose! Those little ears! And he has a Cosby sweater and little white pants. He’s no guitar guy at the party.


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