Never forget to completely build your characters

8. The Summoning – Kelley Armstrong

Bitten was an excellent werewolf novel. It’s the only Kelley Armstrong work I’d read before The Summoning. I was excited to see that she was writing YA, traditionally, the paranormal semi-romance, semi-thriller genre doesn’t always appeal to me and so I’d avoided her other work. I kind of liked Elena and Clayton to stay where they were at the end of Bitten. Anyway…here’s something that majorly bothers me about how authors treat characters sometimes: if your character is a film nerd, if she thinks of film references consistently, why would she never, ever mention any specific film by name? Why? We’re in her head; you cannot tell me she doesn’t have a specific example. I mean, Quentin Tarantino speaks in nothing but specific examples on many occasions. People who want to make movies know movies. They know the titles of specific movies. Chloe, the protagonist of The Summoning, doesn’t appear to know the title of a single movie despite her aspirations of directorhood. That drove me nuts. Also, I think sometimes authors short change young adult characters. I think specifically that Kelley Armstrong short changed her young adult characters. She seemed to want solely SUSPENSE. It was a quick read and an enjoyable read, but I definitely felt like I was reading about shells and not people. And I cannot relate to nerds who don’t mention specifics. Just say it already!

Belvedere has offended Pickles with his lack of pop culture reference knowledge. Will she bite Belvedere? Will she? SUSPENSE.


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