Finally someone mentions piggie-zombies who isn’t me

28. Flip This Zombie – Jesse Petersen

This series is progressing along nicely. The leftover citizens realize how important libraries are, the wisecracks and useful pop culture references continue, and the love-hate relationship between the main couple remains fun to read about as they continue to pursue killing zombies.

My one qualm comes from this book’s treatment of my favorite subject – the noble guinea pig. The couple encounters a mad scientist who claims to have a cure for the zombie menace. A cure he has so far been testing on guinea pigs. Here’s the major problem – he injects a guinea pig with the zombie virus and the zombie cure and places it into a cage with many other guinea pigs and they ignore the intruder. Now, anyone who has interacted with a herd of guinea pigs knows that their hierarchies are very structured. No one gets in or out without being sniffed and circled. When I used to go and pick up the guinea pigs at pet stores because I didn’t have my own every guinea pig I returned to a cage full of others was immediately sniffed and given those little head twitches that say “Where were you? Were you up there? What the hell is that smell you have on you?” Now that I have my own herd of guinea pigs, I know that their social hierarchies sometimes prevent them from living together at all – social animals, they say. HA! None of my guinea pigs could possible bear the idea of a new pig entering into their home without being investigated thoroughly and challenged to a nose off. Also, Petersen could have mentioned how freakishly adorable guinea pigs are a time or two as well. Being attacked by such adorable creatures surely bears a mention of how absurd their cuteness really is.

You know you'd let Twiglet eat you.


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