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2. Oh No She Didn’t – Clinton Kelly

While I cannot even begin to follow the advice of What Not to Wear, I still enjoy the show. I like Stacey and Clinton and I understand what they’re trying to do despite not necessarily agreeing with it sometimes. For instance, looking your best is not always a good choice. If you work with the creepier elements of the public that inhabit the public library regularly, you do not wish to look your best. I prefer to look like a shapeless wonder while there because if I looked my best, I’d get to listen to even more creepy and predatory comments than I already do and maybe, just maybe, one of those commenters would finally follow me to the parking lot, kidnap, and murder me so I could finally be on Cold Case and Bill Kurtis could narrate about me. “Despite her plain dress and bad attitude, she was just the right victim for the man who one week previous had been found masturbating in the public library phone booth. There was semen everywhere.”

Anyway, Clinton’s book is fun. There are pictures and the advice is very good. No, women should not wear pantyhose with feet with open-toed shoes, I totally agree. His explanations for why these aberrations should not exist are as amusing as always.

Pickles doesn't care what you think about what she's wearing either.


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