I’m yours and you’re mine

30. The Lover’s Dictionary – David Levithan

This has a great concept that made it a very quick read: one word and a sentence or two to give you an idea of why this word applies to the relationship of the nameless people you’re reading about. I’m generally apprehensive and caustic about relationship-based interactions; I think that despite everyone assuming that their relationship is different they’re really all the same no matter who is involved so I like to read things that confirm this opinion. I also tend to like the bitter words more so than the positive ones, but this book seemed to have enough of a balance that none of the words particularly stuck out. I didn’t see any of my relationships in there or conversations and that was a bit disappointing too. I’m sure someone’s relationship is in there, there’s probably someone who is very bitter about that book – I find that inspirational.

Thaddeus & Pammy's relationship didn't relate to the words from the book either...but they've never lived together, only wistfully wheeked from afar.


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