If I could save time in a bottle…

26. Autumn – David Moody

Zombies and Britain are two of my favorite things. I loved living in Northern England and I’ve always been a big zombie fan. So one would assume that I would be very pleased by this novel combining the two…but I was ambivalent. It definitely satisfies that random jones for a new zombie story and technically it adds an interesting element to the genre – zombies that stay dead for a couple of days and some don’t even return from the grave despite having the bacteria or virus or whatever, reanimate as random automatons that don’t even notice people, and then later begin to get angry and regularly mobile as they disintegrate. Interesting, but without characters I’m really pulling for it’s hard to really care.

I guess the reality of the survival genre is that you’re stuck with whoever shows up or doesn’t die, but I wasn’t involved with these people. Any of them. Things came a bit too easily and the build up to the upwardly mobile zombies didn’t really make things dire or gory. I did like what Moody did with Carl, I knew a Carl in Northern England and all I’ll say is, he might also have driven everyone apart instead of bringing them together in a semi-gleeful yet bizarre manner during a zombie apocalypse.

My main question about this book at the end was – why were they watching so many films using the generator? Couldn’t they keep one light on and play Parcheesi? Save the gas if you want to live. Perhaps one movie a week. It is important to debate whether you want to waste your resources and assume your life is about to end or slowly ration everything and assume you’ll be living a relatively long life…tough decision…can’t decide…brain aneurysm!

I have to say I wish Twigs and Duncan would come back and start their own zombie apocalypse. I'd let them in my abandoned farm house though; they'd probably just be after the vegetables like Bunnicula.

Miss Duncan


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