No really, it doesn’t end…ever.

19. The Neverending Story – Michael Ende

I hate to say this, because I very much enjoyed the first movie as a child, but this was quite a boring book. I never realized how quickly Artax died in the story, or that the second movie (which I remember as vague and not so good) was not just a bunch of made up vagueness. Essentially, this book did feel truly neverending. And like a vehicle for Michael Ende to say “Hey! I’m creative! Look at all these weird types of creatures I made up! Oh, you like some of them? Well, I’m still making more up! Still! Endlessly! Get it?” I think that the first movie covered the best elements of the story. And I’m glad I didn’t remember the Empress’s name. I think in the book it was Moonbeam or something similarly My Little Pony-ish.

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