God, the Devil, and Bob or Jerry, Destiny, and Fabio

70. Fated – S.G. Browne

S.G. Browne’s first novel, Breathers, reminded me of what would happen if early Chuck Palahniuk decided to write funnier, genreier novels. The random facts, the matter of fact tone, and the acting out of the characters were all very Palahniuky to me.

Fated is another step away from the Palahniuk connection and is very enjoyable. Browne’s anthropomorphized versions of Fate, Destiny, Death (Dennis), and Karma are all very enjoyable characters and they rang true for me. It makes sense that being employed as Fate would be depressing and also that someone who had such a depressing and thankless job would end up running into a person they could see as their way out.  Fate’s pursuit of a human woman and the consequences of their relationship were genuinely funny and poignant and demonstrate how strong the connections between people can be and how ridiculous decisions based on those connections happen.

Pammy's destiny is fuzzy, but it will involve going up.


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