33. Popular Hits of the Showa Era – Ryu Murakami

Middle aged ladies engage in rocket launching against young nihilists in response to a murder of one of their own, next on the news at ten. When I started reading this I was hoping that the plot would not end up being some sort of madcap back and forth between the group of oba-sans and the ridiculous boys who love karaoke and nothing else. I wanted a different kind of story I guess, one where women are not consistently attacked by the kind of guys who are total wastes of existence – they are totally fine with killing ladies who refuse their erections in back alleys, basically live off their parents, and occasionally cannot be bothered to take the packaging off their food before eating it. Maybe that’s the point, that the wastes of space do not evolve or learn to have feelings, but I did not enjoy that. I feel like that exists enough in reality already and so it maybe should have remained undocumented. Murakami did write this in 1994, though, so the whole technology obsessed nihilist who can’t amount to anything because they’re too busy texting but will react violently for no reason had yet to exist – AHH! That’s Japan for you, always ahead of the curve.

Danger Crumples, too excited to be a nihilist, says, "Get off my lawn."


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